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Mini Spot Welding Machine 5000W

Mini Spot Welding Machine 5000W

Mini Spot Welding Machine 5000W

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Model: 5000W Mini Spot Welder Machine 18650 Battery Spot Welding Machine

Small size, high power.
The welding pin can be removed and replaced.
Fully charged can spot weld thousands of solder joints.
The current is adjustable.
The operation is simple and easy to learn.
The solder joint is beautiful and firm.

Note: Special for spot welding batteries.

The latest generation is improved and upgraded, even 0.2mm(Not recommended if you want to weld 0.2mm all the time, it does not necessarily meet your expectations of 0.2mm) can be soldered

Automatic welding adjustment method:
Welding 0.1mm, current adjusted to 5 position
Welding 0.15mm, current adjusted to 6 positions

Note: The 3500W spot welder is a welding pen that can not replace the welding needle, and the 5000W can replace the welding needle.

Package Includes:
1 x 5000W Mini Spot Welder Kit
1 x Charger
2 x Spare needles

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