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ER11 Spring Collet Set 15 Pcs

ER11 Spring Collet Set 15 Pcs

ER11 Spring Collet Set 15 Pcs

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Model: ER11
Material:Spring Steel
Ground Roughness is Ra0.4 Microns, plus overall fine polish
Gripping Range: 1 mm,1.5 mm,2 mm,2.5 mm,3 mm,3.5 mm,4 mm,4.5 mm,5 mm,5.5 mm,6 mm,6.5 mm,7 mm,1/4",1/8"
Upper Diameter: 12 mm
Bottom Diameter: 8 mm
Height: 20 mm
Suitable For: Boring, milling, drilling, tapping, engraving, CNC, spindle machines, and other processing
T.I.R.: 0.0003" or 5um. In order to make all collets running true, on your side, make sure your machine spindle and chuck holder running true, on my side, I'll make sure all those collets running in tenth.

1.Durable and practical.
2.Special angled slots increase rigidity.
3.Protects tool holder from contaminants.
4.Better overall balance of tool holder assembly.
5.Use with any standard ER collet chucks for coolant-thru tool applications.

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